Vinyl Art – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Carny Goth Blues Swamp Poetry

Written by Betty Page

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So everyone knows who Nick Cave is and if you don’t, there’s this thing called the Internet. We should be very proud of him as he is an Australian carving his niche into rock music’s annals of history in a very unique way, with the help of years of consistent showmanship, collaborators and gothic fervour.

Here are his albums critiqued for their covers – most of them have him on the cover but they are still different and unique in approach.

PS Ill keep adding reviews as I get to them – The Bad Seed Discography is extensive!

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Your Funeral My Trial, 1986

In 1986 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds were in the grip (creatively if not medically) of heroin, so this album is melancholic and desperate in tone. That’s not to say it isn’t absolutely brilliant, because this is the first album that isnt shambolically trying to get a grip on the synthesis of influences that the band was experimenting with while living round the world in different places, touring etc.

“The Carny” track from this album was performed live in Wim Wenders movie “Wings of Desire” – brilliant and gloomy Berlin at its’ romantic best, so all you would-be Goths out there, please name-check this album and that movie as they will make your job much easier.

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