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Electronic musicians and Kraftwerk fans should prick up their ears for this blog article. Organisation were a German Krautrock band with three (future) members of Kraftwerk making experimental bleeps and twaddles. Don’t get me wrong, I like this album but more for the vinyl art than the music – quel horreur!

Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider-Esleben were the Kraftwerk posse – other members of this line-up were Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger (who later formed Neu, another influential band from the time).

Tone Float is the first LP collaboration (released 1970 on RCA Victor) between these two Kraftwerkers and many regard it as a strange detour from their future electro success with the K-band. It lies musically closer to traditional Krautrock, basically an instrumental jazz journey with lots of percussion and multiple instruments that are kind of psychedelic and rambling.

The album can be shared via YouTube here

But the vinyl art cover looks nothing like a Kraut rock album!

You cannot but help notice the incredible aesthetic difference between Tone Float and one of Kraftwerk’s more popular albums, Autobahn (below).

The overall theme of flowing-ness is certainly psychedelic, as is the stoned or contemplatative gaze of the Father Time-like figure squinting off into space.

The hand-rendered linework of the figure and Red Rider-like application of emotional colour across face hair and beard is also typical of the late 60s psych scene – totally the opposite of the Pop / Conceptual Art focus of their traffic cone Kraftwerk period.

Credit for the visual design is attributed by multiple sources to Comus, a UK progressive/psychedelic folk rock band from Bromley, Kent founded in the late 1960s. I’m not sure if this is correct but if anyone knows please post a comment as It would be awesome to give credit where credit is due.


If you own an original LP (from discogs) it should have:

  • Produced for Rainbow Productions
  • © 1970 RCA Limited
  • Original LP on RCA Victor, not to be mixed with bootleg pressings without RCA label, but with the same cat#, that were widely distributed.
  • The front cover must have ‘RCA’ and ‘Victor’ lettering in the top corners, otherwise it is a bootleg.
  • The cover is unlaminated, printed on thin cardboard.
  • The inner sleeve is the standard RCA thin plain paper type, with die cut label holes and curve cut top edge.

Psychedelic music instruments

Check this out – perfect for your counter-culture hero, the Fender guitar company made the Pink Paisley

fender pink paisley guitar

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