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Cats + Vinyl + Internet = Lots of fun!

Who would ever have thought that cats and vinyl are such a good match? And how they are ruling instagram at the moment? Check out these sassy pussycats below, who have legions of fans liking every post!

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They are even selling merchandise for the page – I wonder if they sell cat Ts too?

Princess Monster Truck aka Chrissie Amphlett


#princessmonstertruck was found roaming the streets of Brooklyn. Vets think her signature underbite came from overbreeding Persians in the same blood line.

Richard Kitty aka #David Bowie
#richardkitty is a rescue cat who lives with his rescue brother Toshi. Richard is known for his heterochromia, which means his eyes are two different colors.
Hamilton the Hipster Cat aka Bruno Mars
Hamilton the Hipster Cat
Hamilton the Hipster Cat with his hipster moustachio – it’s real!

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