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Have been looking through some of the more interesting psych/prog titles from the collection and wanted to offer our email list customers only a sneak peek into a few we found – we love these genres and thought you might also!


Ange – Au Dela Du Delire – LP – French Symphonic Prog

  • Catalogue No: Philips 9101 004
  • Release Year: 1974, early RE,
  • Condition: M Vinyl, NM Sleeve
  • Price: $40
  • Artwork: Philippe Huart

Au-delà du délire is the third album by the French progressive rock band Ange – an absolute stunner from start to finish! They play a style of progressive rock called “French theatrical”, seeming to be influenced by Peter GABRIEL-era GENESIS and KING CRIMSON. However, their sound is more French than British. Lyrics are all in French, but this should not in any way stand in your enjoyment of this concept-masterpiece.

Great flowing guitars with excellent keyboard and vocal support. The songs are very well constructed and this recording reaches a large range of emotions, leaving the listener with a feeling of completion. In our humble opinion this is the best complete work of ANGE to date.


1. Godevin Le Vilain (2:57)
2. Les Longues Nuits D’Isaac (4:10)
3. Si J’étais Le Messie (3:00)
4. Balade Pour Une Orgie (3:22)
5. Exode (5:00)
6. La Bataille Du Sucre (Inclus: La Colère Des Dieux) (6:30)
7. Fils De Lumiere (3:52)
8. Au Delà Du Délire (9:02)

Listen here


The Crystal Mansion – The Crystal Mansion – LP – US psych with elements of soul and funk

  • Catalogue No: Rare Earth / Motown R540L
  • Release Year: 1972
  • Condition:
  • Price: $55
  • Artwork: ?

This band is best known for their 1967 hit “Expressway to Your Heart”, the first hit song by the Philadelphia soul songwriting and production team of Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble.The Allmusic article on the band, by Lars Lovén, starts off: “The Crystal Mansion’s relatively short story is that of a white R&B band moving towards groovy psychedelic rock in the ’70s.”

But it is more than this. The band has real variety in its material and doesn’t sound the same all through the record. A fluid rhythmic feel permeates the texture of the Crystal Mansion album. Johnny Caswell has a strong, although not overpowering, voice that he uses to good effect. Arrangements are uncomplicated and clean, their sound chiefly blue-eyed soul.
TRACKLIST 01 There always will be more
02 Bad city ways
03 I love you
04 Satisfied
05 A song is born
06 Somebody oughta turn your head around
07 Boogieman
08 Let me get straight again
09 Peace for a change
10 Earth people

Listen Here: The Crystal Mansion ► Earth People –


Atoll – L’Araignée-Mal – LP – Epic French Prog Rock

  • Catalogue No: Ariola GXF-2049
  • Release Year: 1975 Japanese Press, no obi
  • Condition: M Vinyl, VG+ Sleeve
  • Price: $40
  • Artwork: Yves Uro

Recorded during the Festival des Solstices in June ’75, this has become known as a reference to describe some French symphonic prog that was not like Magma (zheul) or Ange (theatre prog). Sounds a bit like: Yes, Genesis; complex, very elaborate and yet beautiful and delicate.

This album contains lots of great symphonic keyboard work with the addition of violin which sounds huge when mixed with Atoll’s guitar, bass and drum interplay. Check out their long first track below, Le Photographe Exorciste, which is truly epic!
TRACKLIST 1. Le Photographe Exorciste (9:10)
2. Cazotte N°1 (6:00)
3. Le Voleur D’Extase (7:30)
– L’Araignée-Mal (21:20) :
4. Imaginez Le Temps (6:40)
5. L’Araignée-Mal (5:05)
6. Les Robots Débiles (3:35)
7. Le Cimetière De Plastique (6:00)

Listen here: Atoll ► L’Araignee-Mal [HQ Audio] 1975 –


Spiral Sky – Spiral Sky – LP – Acid Folk, Heavy Psych Revival

  • Catalogue No: ACME AC8002LP
  • Release Year: 1994
  • Condition: M Vinyl & Sleeve
  • Price: $70
  • Artwork: ?

This band rocks a dulcimer! Penny Pepper is the ethereally-voiced vocalist on this pretty-obscure album but from what we can find, it is a UK dream pop psych piece in the flavour of Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. This LP is from the second limited edition run, numbered 052/300. Worth a listen!
TRACKLIST A1 Lady of Shallot 3:14
A2 Wanting Love 4:55
A3 Kingdom for a Meaning 3:13
A4 Matty Groves 4:04
A5 Slime Pits 5:44
B1 Marriage of Inconvenience 4:34
B2 Bold William Taylor 3:36
B3 Folk Song 1:46
B4 Cat’s Whiskers 3:27
B5 Sensing the Blue 6:37

Listen here: Spiral Sky ► Kingdom For A Meaning – (Dulcimer fun)
Wanting Love ► (more psych-y)


Brigitte Fontaine – Est – LP – Avante-Garde French 60s

  • Catalogue No: Saravah RP-7022-SH
  • Release Year: 1974
  • Condition: M Vinyl, EX Sleeve
  • Price: $50
  • Artwork: Maurice Tapiero

This was Brigitte’s first album, arranged by Jean Claude Vannier (Serge Gainsbourg) and fully Francais! By that we mean quirky melodies and vocal deliveries, with arty songs like “Une Fois Mais Pas Deux” the goofy “L’Homme Objet,” with its music-box backing, the odd as “Eternelle,” with its’ tribal male backup vocals and rhythms, and “Blanche Neige,” with its’ overdubbed tropical bird effects.

This is how Francois Hardy might have sounded if she had continued along progressive pop rock trends in the late 60s.

A1 Il pleut 2:32
A2 Le beau cancer 1:59
A3 Il se passe des choses 3:34
A4 Une fois mais pas deux 2:45
A5 L’homme objet 1:30
A6 Éternelle 2:23
B1 Blanche Neige 3:30
B2 Comme Rimbaud 1:53
B3 Dommage que tu sois mort 2:25
B4 Je suis inadaptée 2:41
B5 Cet enfant que je t’avais fait 4:25

Listen here: Brigitte Fontaine ► Je Suis Inadaptée-


Tas the Trippy Festival Artist

TAS is a project-based graphic designer, visual artist and VJ based in the city of Graz, Austria. He started off in 2010 and since then has created visionary worlds of psychedelic motion art—a blend of light, colour, and motion. His works are shown at many European festivals including Modem Festival, Pulsar Festival, Psy-Fi Festival, Summer Never Ends and Noise Poison Festival. Read more at Orb Mag.

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