Steely Dan – Katy Lied – LP – MFSL RE


This compilation album of Can – Malcolm Mooney (singer) collabs covers some of their earliest material, including “Thief” and “Pnoom”. As bits of this circulated on bootlegs for years, this is like a milestone marker in the shifting sands of this brilliant psych-kraut-rock band.

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Steely Dan – Katy Lied – LP – MFSL US 1978 Repress

Label: ABC Records ‎– MFSL 1-007
Series: Original Master Recording –
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
Country: US
Released: 1978
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock
Condition: NM/NM

Essentially, Katy Lied is a smoother version of Pretzel Logic, featuring the same cross-section of jazz-pop and blues-rock. True Wise Guy says that “Katy Lied serves as the Dan’s first foray into the icy jazz rock that would go on to define their sound and serve as the basis for 1977’s mega-popular Aja, which would both invent “yacht-rock”, and establish the band as a veritable titan among their field. The pop-music hating duo from Bard College who ironically became instant pop stars upon the release of 1972’s Can’t Buy A Thrill strike a delicate balance between the California singer-songwriter instincts of their early work and a latent passion for jazz, torturing session musicians with sprawling lead sheets and intricate chord changes, but nothing here ever feels too constrained, too restricted by Becker and Fagen’s notorious perfectionism. Session musicians were hired in platoons, each song ran through dozens of times and yet this album still sounds effortless. “Black Friday” whips itself into a frenzy right from the needle drop as Fagen dreams of a mad dash to New Zealand while businessmen dive from office buildings in droves, and yet something in Fagen’s voice leads you to believe that even he doesn’t want to embrace this anarchy. Katy Lied is both a deeply cynical and a deeply lonely album, our characters are abandoned in sprawling Los Angeles on “Bad Sneakers” or left strung-out in New York on the album’s thesis, “Katy Lied”, as saxophone licks and guitar riffs swirl around them. Our narrators are reaching out for the bottle, the dope bag, or the hand of their absent lover. Fagen evokes a pianist at an empy-cocktail bar, belting in his familiar limited range over shimmering piano chords with a longing hopefulness that defies the sound of other albums in the group’s discography, except maybe Gaucho, which similarly capitalizes on the feeling that the world is out to get you and only you. The strength of Katy Lied is in its ability to sum up essential human feelings of alienation and malcontent with a craftsmanship and vital sneer that other artists may lack. Material and emotions that may seem cliche or hackneyed blossom, and as the album fades to black, the feelings it conjures up do not.”


A1Black Friday3:33
A2Bad Sneakers3:16
A3Rose Darling2:59
A4Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More3:12
A5Doctor Wu3:59
B1Everyone’s Gone To The Movies3:41
B2Your Gold Teeth II4:12
B3Chain Lightning2:57
B4Any World (That I’m Welcome To)3:56
B5Throw Back The Little Ones3:11

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