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Madlib -Shades Of Blue (Madlib Invades Blue Note Records) -2LP-


US hip hopper Madlib gets into Blue Note Records vaults, remixes the s**t outta them – brilliant, must-have, best-ever well produced, compiled & remixed!

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Madlib -Shades Of Blue (Madlib Invades Blue Note Records) -2LP

Shades of Blue is a Madlib remix project of the Blue Note Archives. The album was released on Blue Note itself in 2003 and crossed over in both the Jazz and Hip Hop community and became a world wide success.

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2.“Slim’s Return” (featuring Ahmad Miller and DJ Lord Such)3:56
3.“Distant Land”3:58
4.“Mystic Bounce”3:56
5.“Stormy” (featuring Morgan Adams Quartet Plus Two)3:41
6.“Blue Note Interlude”0:42
7.“Please Set Me at Ease” (featuring M.E.D.)5:02
8.“Funky Blue Note” (featuring Morgan Adams Quartet Plus Two)3:07
9.“Alfred Lion Interlude”0:45
10.“Stepping Into Tomorrow” (featuring MF Doom)7:36
11.“Andrew Hill Break”1:06
12.“Montara” (featuring DJ Lord Such)5:51
13.“Song for My Father” (featuring Sound Directions)5:46
14.“Footprints” (featuring Yesterdays New Quintet)4:58
15.“Peace/Dolphin Dance” (featuring Joe McDuphrey Experience)5:38

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