Brown Acid - The Second Trip

Brown Acid – The Second Trip – Various Psych Rock – LP

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Brown Acid – The First Trip – Various – LP

These unknown, rare and $$ gems have surfaced through the sludge of time to be revealed now in all their psych-rock brilliance!

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Brown Acid – The Second Trip – Various – LP

If you know the first Volume in this proto-acid-stoner psych rock series, you’re going to be very excited as this one delivers the goods also!

Along the lines of Buffalo, these long lost 60s-70s archives (assembled by LA’s Permanent Records along with Riding Easy) feature boomingly huge tracks from ASH, SWEET CRYSTAL, RAVING MANIAC, CROSSFIELD, SPINY NORMEN, GLAS SUN, VOLTRUSH BAND, BUCK, IRON KNOWLEDGE, and SONNY HUGG.

With tracks like Ash’s (listen here) “Midnight Witch” you’ll be rockin’ out and swingin’ your hair to these heavier, stoner rock tunes!

1. Ash – Midnight Witch
2. Sweet Crystal – Warlords
3. Raving Maniac – Rock and Roll Man
4. Crossfield – Take It!
5. Spiny Norman – Bell Park Loon
6. Glass Sun – Silence Of The Morning
7. Volt Rush Band – Love To You
8. Buck – Long Hot Highway
9. Iron Knowledge – Show Stopper
10. Sonny Hugg – Daybreak

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