The Dolly Parton Challenge - Accepted!

The Dolly Parton Challenge has gone viral around the world and we love the idea of different sides of favourite celebs being shown through social channels. Dolly is one clever clogs for sure, so here goes with our take on three of our favourites:

Rowland S Howard

This Australian performer is known for his time in The Birthday Party, Thought Criminals and These Immortal Souls, and for writing the best deathly balled EVER, Shivers (below).

My Vinyl Rev Dolly Parton Challenge Rowland S Howards
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Nancy Sinatra

Franks’ daughter but a fantastic performer in her own right, Nancy released lots of cool IT girl singles and LPs in the 60s, continued past that period, worked on material with Lee Hazelwood and is most famous for writing the best GET LOST balled EVER, These Boots Are Made For Walking (below). Covered a thousand times by many adoring fan artists!

My Vinyl Rev Dolly Parton Challenge Nancy Sinatra
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Lux Interior

The best psychobilly performer, auteur, lead vocalist and curator of American rock n’ roll, rnb and rockabilly music history, Lux is known for his work in The Cramps. You just need to listen to everything the man has done but credit to his wife Poison Ivy for being a large part of it all too! A typical Cramps tune below, Garbage Man, performed live in ’77:

My Vinyl Rev Dolly Parton Challenge Lux Interior
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