Newtown Record Fair March 2020 – Black Tigers playlist

Newtown Record Fair March 2020 - Black Tiger Deejays playlist

Newtown Record Fair March 2020 – Black Tiger Deejays playlist – check out Ands’ rockin’ playlist shared with us last weekend!

There were LOTS of nods to Andy Weatherall, legend deejay responsible for so many of the tracks we danced to in the 90s and more. RIP Andy…


1. Barry Woolnough – Great Spirit Father In The Sky (Mix 1)

2. The Liminanas – Garden Of Love (Mardi Mouille Andrew Weatherall mix)

3. James – JAM J (James vs Sabres Of Paradise – Arena Dub / Amphetamine Pulsate)

4. Sabres Of Paradise – Smokebelch (Beatless Mix)

5. David Holmes feat Sarah Cracknell – Gone (First Night Without Charge / Two Lone Swordsmen mix)

6. Sabres Of Paradise – Wilmot 1

7. Colourbox – Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse

8. Lee Perry and the Full Experiences – Disco Devil (Extended Version)

9. Missing Scientists – Big City Bright Lights

10. The Asphodells – A Love From Outer Space (Version 2)

11. Primal Scream – Loaded (Terry Farley mix)

12. Magazine – The Light Pours Out Of Me

13. Padded Cell – Far Beneath London

14. My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andrew Weatherall mix)

15. JBC – We Love You (The Great Awakening)

16. Jagwar Ma – The Time & Space Machine Uncertainty Dub

17. A Certain Ratio – Flight

18. William Onyeabor – When The Going Is Smooth and Good

19. Jacques Renault – Pianos On The Beach

20. The Clash – Police & Thieves

21. Link Wray and his Ray Men – 5-10-15-20 (Can Your Monkey Do The Dog)

22. The Fall – Totally Wired

23. The Cramps – New Kind Of Kick

24. Gun Club – Sex Beat

25. Charlie Feathers – Jungle Fever

26. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun

27. Ultramarine – Weird Gear

28. L’epee – Une Lune Entrange

29. Shocking Blue – Send Me A Postcard

30. Shadows Of Knight – Shake

31. Baby Huey and the Babysitters – Hard Times

32. Allah Las – Busman’s Holiday

33. The Mar-keys – Last Night

34. The Frantics – Werewolf

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@NewtownRecordFair is your monthly record fair in the heart of Newtown.

Each month features local vinyl record sellers with over 20,000 new and secondhand vinyl for sale, vinyl only deejays, a full craft beer bar, yummy restaurant and dog/kid friendly surrounds. What’s not to love? Oh and it’s always free entry.
From 11am-4pm in the back beer garden of the Bank Hotel 🏨 – see you there!

Les Baxter – Ports of Pleasure – Retro Exotica LP Love – Review

Les Baxter – Ports of Pleasure – Retro Exotica LP Love – Review

Ever imagined being a pirate in the South China Seas? Or performing the dance of the seven veils on top of an elephant in the dusk? Well Les Baxter has, because he created Ports of Pleasure just for you to practise to! Here is our review of the vinyl record LP

Vinyl Art, Judas Priest and Ros?aw Szaybo


Written by @olsonwells


Ros?aw Szaybo

I came across a recent purchase of Judas Priest’s Sin after Sin while browsing through the piles of vinyl sleeves that lie round our house (yes, in ordered piles and on shelves).

Metalheads love this sort of music, and I’m not sure where my taste lies yet in that regard, but I sure do LOVE the vinyl cover art by Ros?aw Szaybo (allegedly).

Sometimes referred to as packaging, sometimes art direction, the design skill that this artist employs is focussed, heavy and mythical!

I did some research (more than Wikipedia) and found out these FAQs about Ros?aw Szaybo and the album creation:

Ros?aw Szaybo

  • Polish and still alive apparently. Born 1933, he would have been a perfect age to capitalise on commercial opportunities for bands needing trained painters, photographers and/or cover designers (which he was all three).
  • Moved to the UK in 1966 and worked at Young and Rubicam freelance while building his contacts.
  • 1972 – CBS chief artistic director. Designed OVER 2000 covers, mostly for classical music (see, there is always a connection!), but also for Santana and The Clash.
  • Also designed Judas Priest’s British Steel album cover art
  • What is he doing now? See this

Vinyl Art by Comus


Written by @myvinylrevolution

Hi Everyone! My Vinyl Revolution here, blogging about vinyl cover art and the artists, designers and sometimes even the musicians who make them an art form.

Electronic musicians and Kraftwerk fans should prick up their ears for this blog article. Organisation were a German Krautrock band with three (future) members of Kraftwerk making experimental bleeps and twaddles. Don’t get me wrong, I like this album but more for the vinyl art than the music

Mingering Mike – the story of a digger who found gold


Mingering Mike – the story of a digger who found gold

How did a soul star, who released over 100 albums, just disappear? The story of Mingering Mike, whose career spanned from 1968-77, highlights the power of vinyl as art.

This story has all the elements of a good vinyl mystery:

  • Cratedigger
  • Jail
  • Drugs, guns, murder
  • Flea markets!

Read this wonderful story here:

…and here’s where you can find details of the exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum:

Vinyl Cats

My Vinyl Revolution Vinyl Cats

Cats + Vinyl + Internet = Lots of fun!

Who would ever have thought that cats and vinyl are such a good match? And how they are ruling instagram at the moment? Check out these sassy pussycats below, who have legions of fans liking every post!

Why not add photos of your vinyl cat onto our @myvinylrev instagram fee, @myvinylrevolution Facebook page or other social media accounts (Pinterest, G+, Twitter, YouTube) – we would love to see them!

They are even selling merchandise for the page